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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Look to the Sky

Recently, I had a particular difficult day. It seemed like nothing was going the way I would have liked and it felt like I was running as fast as I could but was getting nowhere (you remember the Scooby Doo show run, right?). In fact, here is just a sample of 20 minutes...

My 4 year old likes to think he is a chef. He helps himself to the refrigerator and pulls out as many ingredients as he can. Then he gathers several bowls and spoons and starts dishing everything up into a giant disgusting goolosh. Well, this particular day he did this many times... and the last one included eggs (at least it wasn't cooking spray all over the wooden floor like last time). While I was cleaning up the eggs all over the floor he opens a bag of potatoes right above me and lets them roll onto the floor all through the eggs. I finally tell him to go play in his room.

So I am cleaning... and cleaning... when all of a sudden I hear a very strange splat sound. It reminded me of when you soak a towel completely and then slam it on the ground. Of course, I dropped what I was doing and ran upstairs as fast as I could, knowing that nothing good could come of a splatting sound like that. [Oh, I forgot to tell you that my 2 year old follows him around wherever he goes and helps him make the messes. I call them my Duo of Destruction - lovingly of course]

Anyway, I come around the corner of the bathroom to find my son's giant size stuffed bear sticking half way out of the toilet and then grabbed and thrown on the floor. My son turns to me and says "Bear is going potty". There is toilet water EVERYWHERE!! All over the walls, the floor, the trash, my bathroom basket, there is even wet toilet paper stuck to the walls. Every bath toy and barbie was wet. You get the point... Very cute - yes! Very disgusting - yes!!!

I clean them up and get a movie going. I clean the bathroom and put Bear and the other washables in the washing machine. I head back downstairs to finish the kitchen mess and I hear a strange dripping sound. I look up to find that there is water draining from the LIGHT fixture! They made such a mess upstairs that it had flooded toilet water all the way down to the kitchen right where I had just cleaned up some eggs and potatoes!

After that was finished, I was exhausted! Is this really what I signed up for when I wanted to be a mom? It felt more like I was a slave to my children's messes than I was a real person that could contribute anything to this world. I was feeling pretty down and focusing on all the ways life sucked at that moment.

Then, I went outside to get the mail. On the way, I happened to look up. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! The sky was so blue and the clouds were rolling past. I couldn't help but feel immense gratitude for my blessings. I felt so loved by my Father in Heaven who has allowed me the opportunity to have these life experiences - including my children and their messes. I started to appreciate my son's new-found cooking interests. Maybe this is one of his geniuses in life?? He is developing a great relationship with his little sister and is completely enjoying the process of life.... so I should, too.

Whenever, you feel consumed with all the yuck around you and you get that narrow vision of despair, try to "Look to the Sky". Try to really focus on how magestic it really is. You can feel how large life really is... and how small those problems really are. And most importantly, try to feel complete gratitude for this life... the beautiful earth around you... for the body you have to experience it... the eyes you have that can see it... and especially, the LOVE that you feel from your Heavenly Father because He gave this all to YOU!

Gratitude is one of the fastest and most powerful ways to change your thoughts and feelings. It is near impossible to "Look to the Sky" and still feel the darkness that existed in you just moments before. Try it...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Choices and Commitment

I recently read a book that mentioned commitment... and more specifically commitment to yourself.

Commitment for me is really easy - when it comes to others. But to myself is another story. I realized that many times I sacrificed myself for the benefit of someone else only to find that I was left drained and empty.

So I have made a commitment to myself. I will...
Take care of my body by exercising, stretching, and eating healthy foods every day
Take care of my spirit by praying, reading scriptures, meditating, and letting go of any negative thought and replacing it with hope, gratitude, and happiness
Take care of my mind by reading, learning, and/or discussing something every day
Treat myself as good as I treat others and that means LOVING myself as I LOVE others, too.
There are a lot things that I would like to accomplish in this life - and to live joyously. I found this video that is very inspirational. Here is the link:

Here is my favorite quote from it:
"I have learned that there are only 2 things that will create your dreams.
1. Your Choice 2. Your commitment to those choices"

I believe this to be true. I hope your choices match your dreams and you find the commitment to honor those choices. Choices are what change us... for better or worse.
Best Wishes and Much Love,